How VESDA VEA works


Paul Heath Distributors Smoke Pre‑Alarm™

The Paul Heath Distributors Smoke Pre-Alarm™ app utilizes the advanced intelligence of the VESDA VEA to alert the homeowner of smoke in their home. The app will notify the homeowner of emerging smoke well before a fire alarm is triggered and then locate its source. This gives the homeowner the opportunity to investigate and take appropriate action to mitigate the emergency if it is safe to do so. The Smoke Pre-Alarm™ reduces the chance of a false alarm by giving you advanced warning of smoke in your home while reducing the risk to life and property.


Detection Points

The elegant VESDA detection points are easily hidden and camouflaged in homes. These small discreet devices can be painted or refinished. They combine smoke, carbon monoxide, and natural gas detection into one small device eliminating additional hardware on ceilings and walls. This part of the VESDA VEA system addresses the stylistic sensibilities needed in luxury homes.


Centralized Maintenance

The centralized location of the VESDA VEA system simplifies service visits. Serviceable equipment is moved out of living spaces and relocated to a mechanical room allowing maintenance and service to be performed unobtrusively. Instead of service technicians roaming the house testing and replacing smoke detectors, all service is performed in a single location ensuring that private spaces remain private.

no changing smoke detectors

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