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VESDA VEA for the Home

Discreet Solutions for Residential Safety

Paul Heath Distributors offers the most sophisticated smoke and hazardous gas detection with the VESDA VEA by Honeywell. This innovative system uses discreet detection points that incorporate carbon monoxide and natural gas detection to replace conventional smoke detectors. Detection equipment is moved out of the ceiling and into a centralized location away from living areas; cleaning up aesthetics and simplifying service.

The Paul Heath Distributors Smoke Pre-Alarm™ app alerts homeowners of the presence of smoke well before a traditional fire safety system. The app works in conjunction with the enhanced detection of the VESDA VEA to alert homeowners and locate the emerging smoke. This added functionality pinpoints the emergency, leaving the guesswork out of fire safety.

Paul Heath Distributors is proud to partner with Honeywell as the exclusive distributor of VESDA VEA systems in the residential marketplace. This is by far the most advanced fire safety system available to address the safety and aesthetic concerns of Interior Designers, Architects and Homeowners.

Why Choose VESDA?

  • Discreet detection points replace obtrusive smoke detectors
  • In-line hazardous gas sensors consolidate the detection of gas and smoke
  • Aspirating smoke detection actively seeks sources of smoke
  • Laser smoke detection provides the earliest possible warning of emerging smoke
  • Advanced intelligence pinpoints the location of smoke
  • Paul Heath Distributor's Smoke Pre-Alarm™ gives advanced warning of the presence of smoke
  • Centralized maintenance simplifies service visits

VESDA VEA is the future of fire and life safety in the residential marketplace. Discreet air sampling, laser smoke detection, and the Pre-Alarm™ app together offer the earliest possible warning to help prevent injury and property damage. The VESDA VEA is the standard for all luxury homes being built now and in the future.

VESDA Detection Point
Smoke Detector
Size (In finished spaces) 1.46 in x 0.27 in 6 in x 1 in
Can detect carbon monoxide
Can detect natural gas
Can be painted or re-finished
Can be placed in discreet locations
No batteries needed

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